The Barn

In 1974, with the house near completion, the Mount Gulian Society acquired a barn. Edward Litwin located and the Society purchased a Verplanck barn, doomed to demolition, dating from the 1700’s. The barn’s parts were trucked from their Hopewell Junction location, and barn-raising started. This succession of events was opposite of what it would have been in the olden days when the barn was built before the house to safeguard the family’s wealth, i.e. cattle, tools and seed. Mount Gulian, which once had a Dutch barn would now have one again, complete with martin holes for admitting insect-eating birds, and low gables on each side.

Few Dutch barns from the pre-Revolutionary period survive, but Mount Gulian’s barn is one of them. Ours is notable for its unusual cantilevered overhang, which likely had two functions: to protect the entryway from rain; and because it is hollow, to allow ventilation of the structure.

That the Mount Gulian barn still exists after 250 years is a tribute to its superior structure, design and craftsmanship. That the Mount Gulian Society saved it from demolition is testimony to the Society’s dedication and commitment to historic preservation. The barn is used today for programming and performances, as well as the venue for weddings and other celebrations.

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